3 Ply Level 1 Mask

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Product Standard:


Factory ISO: Required TGA/FDA Approval

TESTING ENTITY: Shenzhen CTO Technology Co (Test number DTO2003100024FRS)





Model: 3 Ply Level 1 Mask
Product Code: ROM181
Material: 3 ply non woven
Description: Single use, disposable, non sterile intended for use in infection control practices to reduce the potential exposure to blood and body fluids.
Sterilisation: Non Sterile
Size: 17.5cm * 9.5cm
GW: 12Kg
Outer Box Dimensions: 38cm x 30cm x 52cm
Qty Per Carton: 2,000
Box Printing: Outer
MOQ: 100,000
Colour: Blue
1. Particle filtering half masks are classified according to their filtering efficiency and their maximum total inward leakage Result: FFP2 - pass
2. Designation (Remarks - Particle filtering half mask EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR) Result: Pass
3. Nominal values and tolerances Result:Pass
4. Visual inspection Result: Pass
5. Packaging Result: Pass
6. Material (Remarks - Comfortable wearing, when releasing no hazards is produced) Result: Pass
7. Practical performance Result: Pass
8. Finish of parts Result: Pass
9. Leakage Result: Pass
10. Total Inward Leakage ( Remarks - 11% for FFP 2) Result: Pass result 7.3%
11. Penetration of filter material Result: Pass
12. Compatibility with skin Result: Pass
13. Flammability Result: Pass
14. Carbon dioxide content of inhalation shall not exceed 1.0% (by volume) Result: Pass
15. Head Harness Result: Pass
16. Field of visions Result: Pass
17. Breathing resistance Result: Pass
18. Penetration of test aerosol test (Remarks - Sodium Chloride and Paraffin Oil test) Result: Pass