COVID Suit – PP35+PE30

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Product Standard:


Factory ISO: 13485:2016 TGA
CE Certificate
Testing entity: Shenzhen HTT Technology Co (HTT202003239LR)




Material: Non-woven sewn
Description: Single use, disposable, non-sterile/sterile intended for use for maximum protection of infection control practices to reduce the potential exposure to blood and body fluids.
Sterilisation: Non Sterile and Terminal Sterilisation available
Size: M, L, XL, XXL
GW: 10Kg
Outer Box Dimensions: 59cm x 39cm x 35.5cm
Qty Per Carton: 30
Box Printing: Outer
MOQ: 10,000
Colour: White
1. Materials requirements
a. Mechanical and flammability requirements Result: Pass
b. Chemical requirements (EN14325) Result: Pass
c. Performance requirements against penetration by infective agents Result:Pass
d. Resistance to penetration by contaminated liquids under hydro- static pressure Result: Pass
e. Resistance to penetration by infective agents due to mechanical contact with substance containing contaminated liquids Result: Pass
f. Resistance to penetration by contaminated liquid aerosols Result: Pass
g. Resistance to penetration by contaminated solid particles Result: Pass
2. Performance requirements for seams, joins and assemblages Result: Pass
3. Whole suit requirements Result: Pass
4. Marking Result: Pass
5. Information supplied by the manufacturer Result: Pass